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Transcend SDHC Speicherkarte. - 4 GB- Class 10HINWEIS: SDHC Karten sind nicht abwärtskompatibel mit Standard-SD-Geräten. Jedoch sind Standard-SD-Karten vorwärtskompatibel mit SDHC Geräten. , SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) was established to meet the growing demand for HD (High Definition) videoand high resolution image recording now used in many SD-enabled devices that can support cards up to 32GB in capacity.SDHC is the same physical size and shape as standard SD but meets the new SD specification of version 2.0. If the SD card is version 2.0 and 4GB or above it is classed as a SDHC card.SDA (SD Card Association) has also established a Speed Class rating (Class 2, 4 and 6) for the standardization of data transfer speeds (compulsory for SDHC cards)- CLASS 4 guaranteed minimum write speed of 4MB/s or Higher.- CLASS 6 guaranteed minimum write speed of 6MB/s or Higher.- CLASS 10 guaranteed minimum write speed of 10MB/s or Higher. The minimum speed capability depends on the manufacturer of the host device and model. All cards are compatible with SDHC host however for best performance the class of card recommended by the host device manufacturer should be used.This new speed classification concept allows the host device to check the conditions of the SDHC card (checking the fragmented state, knowing where the empty spaces are in the memory) to calculate the write speed in each section of the memory area. This determines where to write the data according to its speed requirement, for best performance. This was not possible to do with the standard SD card format. If the host device requires or recommends one of the rated classes of data transfer speed then that specific class of card should be used for overall best performance with that device.

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